By filing an application for modification or termination in court. (Link to the movement to edit). Once you have made this request, a hearing before a judge will take place in about three weeks. A copy of the application must be served on the other party before the judge can make a decision on the changes you wish to make to your current court decision. If you want the court to terminate or withdraw an existing protection order, you must make this formal request for modification or termination. 2. If you do not wish to wait for a hearing on a formal request or if you believe that you and the other party could reach an agreement on the changes you wish to make, you can apply to participate in the change in the management of cases. You can find information about these services here: Link to the new tab. Once these forms have been completed, notarized and filed with the court author, you will tell a judge or judge your statement about why you are seeking a protection order.

This hearing is called «Ex Parte Hearing». The judge or judge will adopt or refuse an interim emergency preparedness order. The decision is based on your immediate safety concerns and will take effect immediately if granted. Regardless of the outcome of the ex Parte hearing, you are scheduled for a second hearing called «Full Hearing». This is scheduled for 7-10 days later and you will know the expected date and time before leaving. After your ex Parte hearing, you will receive copies of your civil protection decision. .