In case of any problems, first contact the owner/tenant/roommate. If the issue is not resolved, tenants and landlords can take the matter to the rental court, while roommates can take the matter to the Disputes Court. You can also seek advice on your particular case by contacting the New Zealand Citizens Advice Bureau. If you have a fixed-term rental agreement (you have a start and end date for your rental), the lessor cannot increase the rental prices unless this is stated in the rental agreement. There is a point on many backpacker trips where you have to settle for a few months, normally to live and work in New Zealand to finance the rest of your trips. Long-term accommodation is renting a house or apartment with friends or sharing a house as a roommate. Before you start renting, you know your rights to make sure you`re treated fairly. This article will discuss the rights you have as a tenant or roommate in New Zealand. You can download a sample colocation agreement from the Tenancy Services website: only disputes between the landlord and tenant are judged by the rental court.

In case of a problem between the tenants or roommates, you can contact the Disputes Court. Moving into their first apartment can be exciting – and overwhelming. It is important to know your rights and duties when you finally find your new home. While much of what is covered in the article below is legal rights between a tenant and a landlord, it`s a good idea to make sure these terms are covered by a housing/roommate contract if you want to be a roommate rather than a tenant. There is a template that you can use on the Tenancy website. Make sure you agree with everything in the agreement before you sign it. Is it flat for the first time? It is important to know the difference between tenants and roommates and how the law applies to you. If you receive income from roommates, you need to control.

If someone else signs the lease but makes you share the apartment, you are a roommate. Roommates live in the property, but are not part of the lease. The Housing Rental Act only protects tenants. This is a problem for roommates, as a landlord, or even a tenant, could distribute a roommate without much notice, and there are no determined legal trials about what should happen if things go wrong. .