I propose to wait two or three months before deciding that they cannot reach the agreement and decide not to pay it anymore. If the debt does not have a default date, if you stop paying now, a default will be added and it will fall in 6 years. That`s not good news! Read What should be the default date? and ask the original creditor to add a default date years ago. If the creditor does not send you a copy of your agreement and a statement of account within 12 working days, they cannot take any further action against you to enforce the agreement in court until they do. Reading CONC, it is stated that «the copy of the executed agreement should be an `authentic copy` of the original. However, as stated in Carey v HSBC Bank plc [2009] EWHC 3417 (QB), the term «actual copy» does not necessarily mean a carbon copy, photocopy, microfiche or any other exact copy of the signed agreement. I asked the PRA Group CCA for a debt of £7k about 3 months ago, they returned a data sheet «CCA Consumer Factsheet v4 updated 11/04/2017», which suggests to me that they are often asked to provide the CCA information – This factsheet mentions «If we have not provided you with this information, PRA can always: Send yourself a default notification if you miss payments. I`m reading this because PRA can send you a letter stating that you`ve fallen behind, but you can`t register it against your creditworthiness.