2.8 Sub-treatment. The customer agrees that Fivetran requires Fivetran`s partners and third-party subprocessors to process personal data in order to meet Fivetran`s obligations in the licensing agreement. Fivetran will maintain an updated list of its subcontractors on its website, which will update it at least 10 days before such a change with details of any subcontractor changes, and Fivetran will impose confidentiality rules on any named subcontract if it needs them to protect personal data in accordance with Fivetran`s requirements in this privacy statement. Customers may object to The order or replacement of a subcontractor by Fivetran prior to its appointment or replacement for reasonable data protection reasons. (i) any legally binding request for disclosure of personal data by a law enforcement service, unless otherwise required. B a criminal prohibition to preserve the confidentiality of a criminal investigation; 2. The data importer and subcontractor guarantee, at the request of the data exporter and/or the supervisory authority, that they submit their computer facilities to review the measures covered in paragraph 1. HubSpot, Inc. processes personal data to the extent necessary to provide subscription services to the data exporter in accordance with the agreement. Conversely, another useful aspect of Time Travel is that if you accidentally delete the data from the wrong person, you can easily make a point-in-time recovery only of those records (if you are still in the time travel window). This strategy allows you to recover from an error without violating the RGPD. 2.2 Treatment in accordance with EU law.

The customer may be that of the processing of personal data or a subcontractor. Fivetran acts, if necessary, as a transformer or subprocessor. Each party will comply with its obligations under EU data protection legislation. Fivetran will immediately notify the customer if they know that the treatment requested by the customer is contrary to EU data protection legislation. Other documents and backups, including lack of consent and a data storage blog, are recommended to demonstrate that the requirements of the RGPD are being met.