One of our works uses SchedulingAgreements associated with a kanban process. When a kanban is sold, it establishes a classification against an LP delivery plan. The problem I have is that I`m not familiar with maintenance planning and I don`t understand how to correct errors. What happens is that someone scans a Kanban card that creates the plan line, but does it by mistake. You can then either bind the default code (ME3L, etc.) to the Z programs, or add the Z programs to the report tree (I would change the standard function by an SAP upgrade) 4. Run the report, fill in the Call End Date field, and select the OP-SHORT (or other) option in the Selection Settings field. If we establish a delivery plan, we should fill the number of targets = y (z.B. 20 we fill 100), but if we maintain the delivery plan of the disposal plant , = it seems = 20 that the disposal plant ignores the volume tests …. in my case, it was indicated = 20 that the target quantity was 100, the planning race could use the SA position at = = 20 calendars more than 100, in my case the SA was planned for 15 = 0, although = 20 was the target quantity 100.

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