One of the long-standing goals of the New Masonic World Order finally seems within reach: its Church of a world that has been in its infancy for more than 150 years is institutionalized as an organization of unified religions, the UR. Bishop William Swing of the Episcopal Diocese of California, the Gorbachev/USA Communist Foundation and some Leaders of the Catholic Church working on the interfaith organization, known as the World Conference for Religion and Peace, are working on the details. The questions could multiply, but they are all reduced to two. Is the non-establishment clause a piece of ecclesiology, and is the free exercise clause a piece of religious philosophy? The general Protestant tendency, visible to its extreme in the free church tradition, especially among Baptists, is to answer these questions in the affirmative. Freedom of religion and the separation of church and state must, as usual, be «rooted in religion itself.» Their substance must be understood as a sectarian Protestant doctrine. So they are articles of faith; Not giving them religious consent is to fall into heterodox. Religion is the cradle of human civilization and will always be a central influence in determining the trends, perspectives and progress of our society, which inevitably confronts questions and questions with religious nuances. However, as the world becomes multi-religious and multi-ethnic, respect for the diversity of beliefs and ethnicities seems to be weakening and concern is growing in the face of this new threat to peace, which can be seen in the form of religious hatreds, persecutions and conflicts, often seen through physical violence. This growing hostility, which has become a persistent and unstable social factor in all its forms, constitutes an obstacle to peace.

In her speech, Nam Hee Kim, President of the International Group for Women`s Peace (IWPG), said: «This agreement is just the beginning, but it has an enormous power that unites one promise with another and will transform the whole world into a world of peace. This piece of paper connects one country to another, and unites different classes and religions. She expressed her deep feelings and said, «This generation needs changes close to the Reformation.